fficjgw9nkyt How To Redeem Free Fire Coupon Code fficjgw9nkyt

Recently, Garena concluded the finals of Free Fire India Championship and similar to every tournament, it had a viewership milestone. After reaching that point, players were receiving a redeem code which could be used to ultimately earn many rewards.

The FFIC special redeem code is as follows: FFICJGW9NKYT

How To Redeem Free Fire Coupon Code fficjgw9nkyt


If you do not know how to use redeem codes, follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the Reward Redemption center of Garena Free Fire. Click here to visit.
  • Log in with your Free Fire account. One must have either Facebook or Google ID signed in as a Guest account does not work.
  • Enter the code and get free rewards in your in-game item vault.

Make sure to check that the available Free Fire coupon is 12 characters long, with a string of numbers and capital letters mixed. Also, remember to use the coupon before it gets expired to avail the rewards.

The list of rewards earnt by this code are

  • Pickup Truck – Fancy Ride
  • Custom Room Card
  • Mag-7 Executioner
  • FFIC Gold Token.

What is a Redemption Code?

The redemption code can be defined as a sequence of alphabets/numbers or symbols applied while purchasing new features in the game’. With the help of the redemption code, an individual can purchase weapons, gold, diamonds, and other features free of cost. The codes will enhance the level powers of the gaming character and also improve their gaming skills and the validity of these codes is 24 hours.

The redemption codes are updated on a daily basis so that gamers can purchase any many rewards they want. One of the reasons why the redemption code was launched was to increase the demand among teenagers so that they shouldn’t lose interest in the game.

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