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Valorant: Riot Games unveils Astra, the latest agent in the game along with new abilities

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Astra will arrive in the upcoming Act 2 of the ongoing Episode 2 on March 2. Let’s check everything around the new agent and her abilities.

Valorant Riot Games unveils new agent Astra

Riot Games, the video game developer behind the popular eSports title, Valorant has just unveiled a new agent. This new agent is called Astra and it comes with some interesting powers to keep the game dynamic. Astra will arrive in the upcoming Act 2 of the ongoing Episode 2. As part of the reveal, Riot games also shared details regarding Astra’s ability kit and other effects. We also got to know how these abilities work to give us a sense of how Astra will affect the game. Let’s check all the details around Astra, the upcoming agent on Valorant, and its cosmic abilities here.

Valorant is getting Astra, its latest agent; details

Astra will land on March 2 along with the release of Episode 2, Act 2. Now, let’s focus on all the abilities of Astra before we share the finer details about how these abilities work. As shared in the announcement, the agent comes with abilities like Gravity Well, Nova Pulse, Nebula, Dissipate, and Cosmic Divide. Almost all the abilities of the agent revolve around “Stars” and her “Astral form”. Taking a look at Stars, these are small projectiles that the player can throw around on the map. However, Astra has to enter her “Astral form” to place (or throw) these Stars in the first place.

Once Astra places the Stars around the map, then the player can transform these stars into different effects. These include the abilities that we mentioned above including Gravity Well, Nova Pulse, and Nebula. The player can also pick the Star back up with its Dissipate ability. Beyond these, the agent also comes with an ultimate ability called “Cosmic Divide”. This ability allows Valorant players to create a massive wall on the map, dividing the area into two sections. It is worth noting that players can move through this wall but one can’t shoot through it. In addition, this wall also dampens the audio from the other side.

Talking about the different abilities, Gravity Well pulls all the Valorant players towards the center before an explosion. Nova Pulse severs like a concussion bomb affecting multiple players at a time. Finally, Nebula serves as a remote smoke bomb.


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