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Tm Sentinel Nirbhaya

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After the live stream, Tm Sentinel Nirbhaya also shared a video apologizing for his comments referring to the Nirbhaya rape incident. Let’s check everything we know about this shocking incident from the Indian Valorant circle.

Tm Sentinel Nirbhaya

It looks like the American video game developer, publisher, and eSports giant Riot is investigating Team Mahi owner Sentinel. The reports of this investigation surfaced last week after Manoj ‘Sentinel’ Kashyap made some disturbing remarks in a recent live stream.

For some context, Sentinel is the owner of Team Mahi (formerly known as Velocity Gaming), one of the leading Indian eSports teams for Valorant. After the live stream, Sentinel also shared a video apologizing for his comments referring to the Tm Sentinel Nirbhaya rape incident. The Team Mahi owner made these shameful comments in response to Abhay ‘Xhade’ Urkude, an Indian eSports player who was banned from competitive Valorant due to cheating. Let’s check everything we know about this shocking incident in the Valorant circle.

Riot Games likely investigating Team Mahi owner Sentinel; details

the controversy started on March 27 when TM Sentinel made the above-mentioned remarks. Revisiting the event, the mention of Abhay ‘Xhade’ Urkude in the live stream chat annoyed TM Sentinel.

He started abusing as part of a graphic segment and even mentioned the Nirbhaya tragedy from 2012. As part of the mention, Sentinel stated that anyone mentioning Xhade in the chat “would receive” a “fate even more horrendous” than the victim of the tragedy. As noted in the report, it is fine to criticize the cheater but one should maintain common decency and decorum.

Right after the initial report, Sentinel shared an apology video on his YouTube channel. He admitted that he crossed a line in the 2 minute and 42-second-long video and asked for forgiveness regarding his conduct. Sentinel noted that he “lost control” and the behavior was disgraceful.

He promised to work on being better and more compassionate while apologizing to the community and asked for forgivene.

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