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jigsaw code in free fire

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jigsaw code in free fire, How to get Jigsaw Code In Free Fire? Garena Free Fire has seen enormous popularity over the most recent couple of years, with a flood in downloads on Google Play Store and a lot of its prosperity can be credited to the regular updates that the developers deliver to upgrade the fight royale experience for the player one of which is the Jigsaw Code In Free Fire.

Free Fire has plenty of events for players to take part in. The Operation Chrono Jigsaw event launched on Free Fire on December 2 and will run till December 6. Players are now curious and want to know about the Jigsaw Code In Free Fire and how to get all the Jigsaw Code In Free Fire. Follow our article as we will tell you how to collect the Jigsaws by using the Free Fire Jigsaw codes 2020 and Jigsaw code in Free Fire 2020. Learn how to collect all the Jigsaw Code In Free Fire and become Free Fire Jigsaw pro !

jigsaw code in free fire

Jigsaw Code In Free Fire

Free Fire the game that is also known as the Free Fire BattleGrounds is a battle royale game published by Garena and developed by 111 Dots Studio. The game was for the first time released in 2017. The game offers only multiplayer mode. The gameplay of the game is quite intriguing and fascinating with 50 players falling from the sky using parachutes on islands.

The game then revolves around how each of these players survive in this island and their methods of eliminating all the other players as only that will make sure that you are the last standing player. As a player you are also required to upgrade your weapons often to ensure best working of these weapons while you are fighting with your opponents. Throughout the game there are many other challenges and game quirks that are happening to keep you occupied and entertained.

One such event launched by Free Fire Garena is the ‘Rise of Chrono’ but before the launch of this event Garena introduced another in game event that welcomed the  ‘Rise of Chrono’ called the Guess the Ambassador this event requires player to do a number of things and a number subsections were added in this event one of which is the Jigsaw event wherein the players have to gain access to the Jigsaw codes. 

Jigsaw Code In Free Fire 2023

Jigsaw Code In Free Fire – Another Free Fire update named ‘The Rise of Chrono’, will soon turn out on December 7. Meanwhile, the developers have presented an occasion in the game called Guess The Ambassador. The event will end on December 6.

Players currently get an opportunity to play the occasion and win a fantastic and exclusive award in the game. Jigsaw event is called the sub-event, where players have to follow the rules and guidelines to play the game.

Free Fire Jigsaw Codes

Can players use the Jigsaw Code In Free Fire? What are the benefits of Jigsaw Code In Free Fire?

Players can collect the missing Jigsaws by getting the Jigsaw codes from a friend. Also, the jigsaw codes can be collected by visiting Free Fire’s official social media platforms.

Operation Chrono Jigsaw Event in Free Fire – Full Details

The primary idea of the event is to figure the diplomat who will work together with Free Fire by gathering the jigsaws. 

It is being theorized that the new character will be football hotshot Cristiano Ronaldo, with another character named Chrono additionally set to be presented in the game.

The Jigsaw event will happen from  December 2 to December 6, and the eventual outcome of the event will be distributed on December 7. 

Players who will gather all the jigsaws and can figure the name which is Guess The Ambassador accurately will get an opportunity to win another Cyber Swing and baseball bat skin as a prize.

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How To Get Free Fire Jigsaw Codes 2023?

Follow the steps below and get Jigsaw Code In Free Fire:

  • Run Free Fire and wait for the Menu screen to appear.
  • Head to the Events tab and select it.
  • Scroll to the Ambassador option and select it.
  • Select the “Go-To” option.
  • The player will be headed to a new Page.
  • The player will be given 1 jigsaw out of 5 randomly.
  •  The missing jigsaws can be collected by players by getting the jigsaw codes from a friend. Also, the Jigsaw Codes In Free Fire can be collected by visiting Free Fire’s official social media platforms.
  • The answer bar will get Unlocked when all the jigsaws are collected.
  • Just 1 answer is permitted to be placed in the answer box. Players can answer 8 additional times by sharing the site.
  • The correct answer will be announced on December 7

How To Redeem Free Fire Coupon Code fficjgw9nkyt

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